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Polish Essay on Main Characters and Animals, Real and Mythological


The main heroes of legends depend on the history of the country. In Poland, apart from legednds everybody knows, each region has its own legends. European stories have many similar characters, they are: devils, dragons, princesses, kings, beautiful women, nymphs. In these legends, dragons, devils with all the pros and cons predominate, beautiful women who are princesses, nymphs. Characters from legends are present in different countries, and one can see similarities in their image and character. They are good and bad characters. In every legend the devil is cunning, destructive and deceitful, while a man shows courage or cunning. People seem strong and mature, but they also make mistakes. For this reason, not all characters in European legends are respected and considered good. Dragons are monsters full of evil and hatred, die defeated by brave warriors. Characters from legends are also the founders of cities and countries. There are many such examples. In Poland, the king associated with Krakow is King Krak, in Lithuanian legends, the founder of Vilnius is Prince Giedymin.

The Wawel Dragon is a monster whose hideout was a cave called Dragon's Den at the foot of the Wawel Hill in Krakow. The dragon terrorized the city so the daughter of the king offered her hand to anyone who would kill an evil dragon. The dragon was defeated by Szewczyk Dratewka. The shoemaker was smart, brave and wise. He outsmarted the dragon who died while drinking water from the Vistula. Dratewka did not fight the dragon beat him with a clever trick. The Wawel dragon hated people and seemed invincible. The man here impersonificates wisdom and the beast lacks it and is easily defeated not by weapons but by being outsmarted.

Mermaid - is a fantastic figure, a beautiful woman with a fish tail instead of legs. Because of the beautiful voice she was caught to delight of her singing. The mermaid shed tears and her crying was the saddest song that touched people's hearts. The brave son of a fisherman changed the fate of the mermaid and saved her. The beautiful creature was grateful to the boy for his rescue. In return, she promised the inhabitants that from now on she would defend people who showed her sensitivity and justice. In the place where there was a fishing village, Warsaw was founded, which in remembrance of this legend has a mermaid in its arms. The mermaid here impersonificates beauty and helplesness, men are both good and sensitive or greedy and cruel.
Mr. Twardowski looked like a typical Polish nobleman, he had a robe, he was girded with a wide belt, he had a saber at his side. He was characterized by incredible cunning and a sense of humor that saved him in difficult situations. He liked to make tricky jokes and play at someone else's cost. He valued the joy of life, never lost confidence. He was eager to visit the inn because he liked to eat and drink well. He was an extremely calm man with "iron nerves" who did not lose his spirit or confidence even in the most difficult moment. He believed that he would overcome the greatest danger and outsmart the devil. A man is presented here as intelligent and so smart that even in the end that seems disastrous, he finds a way out.
This is a story about a good helpful and hard-working girl - the daughter of a baker baking the best gingerbread in Toruń. The girl forced by her father's illness to bake gingerbreads - thanks to her ingenuity - creates a new shape for this baking, and people like them so much that they call them by her name. This extraordinary taste and shape appealed to the king himself, who came with his son to Toruń. The prince fell in love with beautiful Catherine, who soon became his wife. Catherine impersonificates goodnss and caring, which always are rewarded
The characters in this legend are Bies - an evil creature, larger than a man with horns and huge bat wings, San - leader of the tribe who came to this area (positive character), Chad - mischievous creatures created by Bies, conducive to people. Again, they represent a typical personification of features, where devils are evil and man are good and cunning. They all are strong but here the message is also that strenght a such is not enough.
He could be found in all mines. He always had the form of a bearded man smoking a pipe, with a small pickaxe in his hand and a candle attached to the band on his forehead. He warned miners of dangers and helped them if necessary. However, only good and hard-working people did not have to fear the Treasurer. He would punish the greedy and deceitful ones. Treasurer is a symbol of supernatural powers one should not play with – if respected, it will guide and protect, otherwise it will bring disaster.

It says how devils that sneaked into human settlements in the evenings and early morning, seeing how people get up to work with a smile and go to sleep with the same smile. Everyone was happy, adults, old people, children. Everyone lived peacefully and happily, did not want evil and enjoyed good deeds. Again we have a contrast between dark and good – where the evil not only fails to destroy the humans but also get punished forever, a good people are helped by even better and stronger angels.