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Main Characters and Animals, Real and Mythological

Bulgarian Legends

Throughout history people have been trying to make sense of the world around them which also coincided with the creation of the written word and this myths and stories are created. The re-imagining of the creation of the world as stories of love, betrail  and greed and the strife o ... More >>

Italian Legends

The main characters often depend on the history of the country. Some legends are inspired by real facts happened a long time ago, while others have been created to give a more interesting view of reality. The characters and mythological creatures which  appear most often are: the de ... More >>

Lithuanian Legends

The purpose of Legends in the life of the nation is to convey the most important knowledge of philosophical, historical and mythology, to cultivate respect for the surrounding environment and our past. The legends tell us how the landscape of the living area of our tribes was formed, who ... More >>

Polish Legends

The main heroes of legends depend on the history of the country. In Poland, apart from legednds everybody knows, each region has its own legends. European stories have many similar characters, they are: devils, dragons, princesses, kings, beautiful women, nymphs. In these legends, drago ... More >>

Romanian Legends

In very old times people tried to give names to their fears and their imagination created a various number of mythological creatures which are nothing else than the materialization of these fears. But people also needed to invent stories about heroes who defeated these mythological creat ... More >>