The Parsifal project was presented in a number of events in order to report about the activities carried out and the results achieved.

The International Conference of Cross-Cultural Competence

Date: 22-11-2019
Location: Iasi, Romania

The Conference is designed to review the many aspects of the multidisciplinary debates, both of theoretical and practical research on Cross-Cultural Competence. These meetings are designed to enhance the understanding of relevant issues at regional and international level in Social Sciences and Humanities Research.

The paper ” The Parsifal Project Common Cultural Elements In European Legends, Myths And Traditional Tales” was published in the journal "Cross-Cultural Management Journal", Volume XXI, Issue 2/2019 (

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Article presented
The Parsifal project, common cultural elements in European Legends, Myths and Traditional Tales

The article is based on Parsifal, a European project funded by the Erasmus+ programme (Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA201-050865), which is being implemented by EuroEd Foundation Iasi, Romania. The project aims to bring cultural heritage to the attention of students to enrich their learning processes. The project looks at traditional tales and legends in each partner country (Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania) with a view to identifying common European roots. The paper focuses on main themes and common features identified in Bulgarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish and Romanian legends: real and mythological characters and animals, heritage, environments and common objects, recurring situations and challenges, moral and ethical topics.

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Intercultural Communication: Research, Theory and Practice

Date: 10-05-2019
Location: Iasi, Romania

Intercultural communication skills and competence are becoming increasingly more relevant as the globalization of business, trade, media, education, etc. brings into contact people from different cultures, that used to inhabit geographical areas which are wide apart. At a time of increased risks and uncertainty, intercultural communication is recognized as a life skill that needs to be developed in educational, business, social, religious and political contexts.
The purpose of our 2019 conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of intercultural communication focusing on recent research, theories and practice.

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How and why folklore can be taught

Date: 09-05-2019
Location: Iasi, Romania

The fifth edition of the workshop "How and why folklore can be taught" is attended by Mrs. Academician Sabina Ispas. The discussions aim to identify concrete solutions for the attractive teaching of traditional culture lessons.

Title of the presentation
Integrating local stories and traditions into classroom teaching. Case study: Erasmus + Parsifal and TIK projects.

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