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Legend about establishment of Trakai Castle

Legend tells that Trakai appeared on women's whims. Kestutis’ Duke of Trakai and Samogitia, wife Birute was unsatisfied that there is very little water in Old Trakai (about 3 km from Trakai) compared to her birthplace Palanga. As the result in the end of XIV century Kestutis begun to build new castle on the peninsula and about 1376 moved there. Later Duke Kestutis and his son Vytautas the Great ... more >>

Legend about Vilnius city foundation

The legend of the founding of Vilnius shows that while hunting the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas stayed overnight in a place where Vilnius now stands. While he was asleep, Gediminas had an unusual dream in which he saw an iron wolf at the top of the mountain . In the morning the Duke consulted the pagan priest Lizdeika about it.  He told the Duke that the dream was a direction to foun ... more >>

Devil's Stone

It is said that Raigard was located many years ago. Rich, flashy town was famous for its greatness and beauty. The biggest decoration of the town was the church. But the inhabitants of the town were greedy and one day they stopped attending church. At that time, in the forests and swamps lived devils. One of them decided to crush the church and laugh at the unhappy people. When a huge stone was f ... more >>

Legend about Kaunas city foundation

Duke Palemonas a relative of Roman Emperor Nero fearing the murderous hand of him, fled Ancient Rome around 1st century AD. He took his three sons with him – Barcus, Kūnas (Kaunas), and Sperus as well as 500 noble families and after a long journey through seas and oceans all the way up north he reached the Baltic coast where the tribal lands that later became Lithuania were. After Palemon’s ... more >>

Legend about Neringa's conquest

According to the legend, a daughter of a poor fisherman was born in the Curonian village. People called her Neringa. The girl was extraordinary because she grew tall and was a giant. The sea dragon heard of her beauty and decided to marry her. When Neringa refused to marry, the dragon began to sink ships.
Neringa thought that the dragon would be covered by a sand dyke, carrying sand, dunes, ... more >>

Puntukas stone

Long time ago, Puntukas stone lied deep in the wood. Nobody had ever known or heard anything about it. In the place, where the Anykšta river now falls into Šventoji river once lived the Anykšta family. Mother Anykšta was a mighty sorceress. She had a magic omen the sight of which alone made the devils fall through the ground. The devils were angry with mother Anykšta and her family. ... more >>

The Hill of Crosses

Many crosses were put up after the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus appeared on the mound in the 7th decade of the 19th century; it was she who supposedly encouraged people to put crosses at this place. In 1850, there were 17 crosses on the hill, from 1895 to 1898 the number increased to 180, and in 1938 there were over 400 crosses. The number of crosses also grew during the period of Soviet occupa ... more >>