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Devil’s bridge

The devil’s bridge is a bridge over the Arda river, municipality of Ardino, district Kardzhali.

According to the legend, the creator of the bridge is craftsman Dimitar from the nearby village of Nedelino. He undertook the challenge to build a bridge over the wild river even if all that attempted this before him failed. He did a magnificent job and extremely fast as well, but died soon after ... more >>

Belogradchik rocks

Legend 1: Boro’s rock. This stone was used by the young lads from the region to measure their bravery and strength by competing who would be the fastest one to climb the stone. The winner becomes a leader and takes the most beautiful girl as his wife. So, according to the legend Bozhan the shepherd for quite a while was longing for the Elka – a local beauty – but on the lucky day when he ... more >>


Translated from the ancient Turk languages, Belintash means “stone of knowledge”. Here the compass does not work properly, because of the strong magnetic anomaly in the region and during the winter time the snow that falls melts as soon as it touches the volcanic rocks, which seems to have kept a part of its lava heat.
During the 70s of the last century the meaning of the rock phenomenon B ... more >>


According to ancient legends Rhodopa was a beautiful young lady, adored by all – men and gods. Everybody wanted her for his wife and was trying to steal her for himself. God Hemus was particularly jealous. He did not want anyone else to look at Rhodopa and started throwing stones in order to make hills, which to hide her from humans and Gods. These hills are now the hills of the city of Plovdi ... more >>

St. Petka and the stone bread

According to the legend there was a cave in which St. Petka tried to hide from infidels that were persectuing her. In that cave are still preserved foot and hand prints and a stone bread. The saint hid in the cave, lit a fire and baked a load of bread. At that time though her persecutors found the cave and got in. Luckily the smoke from the fire showed St. Petka that there is another way out ... more >>

Devil’s throat cave

Orpheus was the greatest singer, poet and musician of ancient times. His father was the river god Eager, the ruler of Hemus (the Balkan mountain), and his mother and teacher was the muse of epic poetry – Calliope. Orpheus was better even than the leader of the muses – Apollo. His magical songs and lyre enchanted birds and animals, the trees lowered their branches, rocks and mountains moved ... more >>

The Pirin’s Dragon

At the foot of Orelyak peak (2099 m.) there are the Dragon rock (Zmeyova skala) and the cave - Dragon hole (Zmeyova dupka). The smaller cave is known as the cave of the winged horse of the Pirin dragon. The bigger cave is the home of the Dragon himself. Up in the ceiling there is an oval hole drilled, according to the legend,by the Belasitsa Dragon's Lightning.In Bulgarian folklore the dragon h ... more >>