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Usual Environments and / or Common Objects

Bulgarian Legends

The myth was created as a way of understanding and explaining the world around us, nature and where our place in that world is. It explains the cosmic and natural world based on the given nation and region. The idea behind this understanding is the harmonization with the natural and ... More >>

Italian Legends

The heroes of legends are known for their heroic deeds that are often acts of great courage in front of insurmountable adversities that are overcome thanks to legendary magic objects. These objects, which are also used by ordinary people, often have magical features. In fact they are ver ... More >>

Lithuanian Legends

People of every nation have been observing and trying to understand the world around them: explaining natural phenomena, their occurrence, the origin of various objects. Lithuanian legends and tales are the wisdom of the people and their desire to know, convey and explain significant event ... More >>

Polish Legends

Legends, fairy tales and stories have always depicted the history of the nation and taught what is good and what is bad. Saturated with the elements of wonder and uniqueness, the magical powers of objects and places, they have similar meanings in different countries. Objects can also co ... More >>

Romanian Legends

Legends and myths are placed in environments which give them that mystic aura. Most stories in the legends are related to sites like mountains, lakes, caves, rivers or to buildings and constructions that are landmarks in any culture. Consequently, they all become tangible testaments to s ... More >>