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Breathtaking landscapes: how mountains and lakes got their name

Lake Misurina is an Italian legend which has the beautiful Dolomite mountains as a background. This tale tells how Mount Sorapiss and lake Misurina were created and it is similar to many legends from other countries about the creation of mountains, for example the Bulgarian myth, Rhodopa, and the Polish legend Mount Ślęża. “Lake Misurina and Mount Sorapiss” is also connected to the Romanian legend “Bride’s Cave” by the presence of a lake in the story. The creation of a lagoon and of a hill are present in the Lithuanian legend “Legend about Neringa’s conquest”. This is a journey through breathtaking natural landscapes which tell us stories of spoilt or brave girls and immortal young heroes whose adventures contributed to the creation of these same landscapes. Some of the mountains or lakes mentioned are part of the UNESCO Heritage.

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Lake Misurina and Mount Sorapiss