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Mirror, mirror...

In legends we can find objects that reveal their extraordinary power. Since ancient times, each item has evoked different associations. But there are many that we associate unequivocally, especially in legends. Objects can also convey energy, emotions or other properties. It is when a person needs the help of supernatural forces that ordinary things take on such importance. The most frequently appearing object seems to be the mirror, which dominates Mr. Twardowski. Looking in this mirror was supposed to be risky. The mirror was able to focus the mystical and physical light of the sun, which, when reflected, allowed to interfere with the physical state of matter, for example by melting gold and silver. It could also reflect and magnify the moon's disc, on which hidden, prophetic signs were read. It was also used to summon prophetic spirits and summon the dead - just like the spirit of Barbara. To those looking at them, it also showed phantoms, ghosts and creatures of inhuman shapes, unknown to anyone among humans.

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