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Noblemen - the good, the bad and the leader.

Harsh truth - people are not equal, some are stronger, other are smarter, some were just lucky being born as noblemen. Ordinary people trough out history always looked up to those who lived in manners, or castles, not only because of their riches and relatively easy life, but as rulers and leaders - those who will protect, lead and bring a better life, or on contrary make it hard. This travel will look at how noblemen were represented and why they were the common and key characters in legends trough out Europe. Kaunas second biggest city in Lithuania and countries capital for short period of time, was established by son of famous noblemen Duke Palemonas a relative of Roman Emperor Nero. In 15-16 century this legend of Roman origins was used to claim historical tradition worthy of their power for Lithuanian Grand Dukes. In some legends noblemen are shown as people who are so important and powerful that unique and great buildings, even cities are created or established. They can be the start of something that lasts a century.

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