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Amazing rock formations and the legends behind them

What else than legends can better describe either the formation of the mountains or interesting shapes of the rocks? In some legends, interesting rock formations are thought to have appeared sometimes as a consequence of the revenge spirits take on humans, other times of rage or of well-deserved punishment of the evil by the good forces or as a consequence of petrification (turning humans or mystical characters into stone). The travel begins with the Romanian legend “The Lady’s Rocks”, in which the geological formation was created as the result of the Devil’s rage, who could not get hold of a king’s wealth. The rock formations sealed the entrance to hell, preventing the devils from return there. In the Romanian legend “The Dragon Garden”, the unusual rock formation was formed after turning the dragons into stone. The journey continues to Bulgaria, where petrification is the most plausible explanation people could find for the creation of a mountain or rock formation, like in the legends “Rhodopa” and “Belogradchik rocks”. The same explanation of mountain formation appears in the Italian legend “Lake Misurina and Mount Sorapiss”, in which the king Sorapiss willingly decides to turn himself into a mountain, for the sake of his daughter. We go further, in Poland, with “Legend of Mount Ślęża”, in which the mount, covering the gateway to hell, was blocked by stones thrown by devils themselves. The travel continues in Lithuania, in which unusual stones stand appeared in places they do not belong to, so the explanation is that they were thrown by devils, like in “Devil’s Stone” and “Puntuko Sone”.

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The Lady’s Rocks’ (Pietrele Doamnei)