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Polish Essay on Similar Moral and Ethical Meaning and Purposes


A legend by definition is "A story about the lives of saints and heroes or some historical events, saturated with motifs of fantasy and wonder." However, theory is not everything ... The most important thing is to skillfully draw morals and values from it and relate them to yourself and your behavior.

Although legends were created a long time ago, they can still be current and teach us many things. They shape our characters and show us the world from an early age.

It was legends that told us the history of our nation, taught us what is good and what is bad. We meet them in schools, we read, but we also know them from the stories of our grandparents. Legends have hidden morals that we know as elders and discover as younger ones. They protect children from bad influences, temptations and many threats.

Morals and values that occur in Polish legends are diverse, some teach us that it is worth being good in relation to others, because good will always come back to us, others show what may happen to us for bad behavior. In most cases, it is not strength but reason that allows us to overcome the difficulties and obstacles of everyday life. We must remember that diligence, perceptiveness and perseverance in pursuing a goal are very important. Thanks to legends, we learn that impossible things can become possible thanks to our intentions, efforts and good faith. Legends tell us life truths, the most important of which are living in harmony and harmony, but also the feelings of sadness and joy that accompany our life, as well as sensitivity and justice towards various life situations.

The morals and values they convey to us help us choose the right ways of life, overcome difficulties and make us live better.

This legend tells of a heroic shoemaker who, thanks to his ingenuity defeated the monster.

The legend of the Wawel dragon is very valuable, because thanks to it we learn about the history of Krakow. The dragon cave, which we can admire and visit to this day, hid a monster that spread terror throughout the kingdom long ago. He was defeated by the ingenious and brave Szewczyk Dratewka, who was rewarded for his act. He settled in the castle and married a royal daughter.

The main values ​​that the legend conveys are the universal truth that not strength, but reason and cleverness overcome obstacles and difficulties, that ingenuity and courage are important, that is where all our strength lies. It is worth fighting for yourself and for others to achieve the general good.

The message of the legend - sometimes cleverness is better than brute force, and true courage is not always shown by those who boast about it the most, and the law is the most just when the perpetrators of the crime kills their own crime

The story says that being good in relation to others and hard work pay off in life more than cleverness and egoism. It is a story of a good, obliging, hardworking and perceptive girl - the daughter of a baker baking the best gingerbread in Toruń. A girl forced by her father's illness to bake gingerbread - thanks to her ingenuity creates a new shape cakes, and people like them so much that they call them her name. The main values of this legend are work praise, perseverance, ingenuity, perceptiveness and pursuit of the goal

It is a story in which the main values are praise for hard work, mutual help and kindness, perseverance in pursuing a goal, living in harmony with nature and its rhythm. It is also a story about the fight of good against evil. He says that sometimes when we give help, good advice to someone who does bad things, it can happen that he returns to the right path and begins to do good and help others. This happened in the case of Chads, who were overwhelmed by trees, and a good dream released him from imprisonment. In return for the good he gave, he was repaid the same by people.

The legend touches issues of jealousy, contempt, misunderstanding by devils of the world that was nurtured by people who loved their hard-working and monotonous life, because stability was most important to people. The main values are work praise, kindness, mutual help - it's from people. On the other hand, evil powers do evil and unhappiness with such stubbornness that they do not notice that they are harming themselves. Angels have helped people and provided security, watching over their lives to prevent misfortunes caused by devils. The message is that evil that someone inflicts on others can come back to him and turn against him

It is a story about the hard fate and hard work of many Polish miners. But also about family values and about a young boy who decided to work hard to support his family. The main value are honesty, humility, help, kindness and warmth towards others, as well as the ability to share what we receive with others. This is a lesson for young people that you have to teach them how to work because you don't have anything for free. If we act honestly, fate will smile at us and we will be rewarded for it. If we are greedy and greedy, we will be deservedly punished. What good we give to others comes back to us with double strength, because then we are proud of ourselves that we help and others feel obliged to our noble deeds.

The legend tells about the life of a nobleman from Kraków, called Jan Twardowski. He was an educated man who loved science, magic and alchemy. He once understood that this was not enough for him and that he needed supernatural powers, so he called the devil. He decided to sign a cyrograph on doing good. For many years he helped people from various social parties. But the judicial day came for a gift from the devil. Twardowski saved himself from hell with prayer. The legend explains that impossible things can become possible only thanks to our willingness, effort and good faith. According to the legend, Twardowski signed a pact with the devil so that he could live better, and that he could heal people.

This is a unique legend. He talks about a mermaid who got lost in the new world, she felt insecure about it. However, she decided to rest, looked around and was delighted with it. The mermaid stayed in a new place for her, but the fishermen began to worry that someone was disturbing their peace and the river, because he released the fish. They decided to catch a seaside creature. But when they saw the creature and heard her voice they were delighted. Everyone lived in harmony and harmony until a certain merchant, upon hearing her beautiful singing, decided to kidnap her. The mermaid began to shed her tears, and her crying was the saddest song that hurt human hearts in sadness. The brave son of a fisherman changed the fate of the mermaid and saved her. The beautiful creature was grateful to the boy for his rescue. In return, she promised the inhabitants that from now on she would defend people who showed her sensitivity and justice. The main values ​​of this legend are living in harmony and harmony, but also the feelings of sadness and joy that accompany our lives, as well as sensitivity and justice towards various life situations. The legend's message is the ability to repay with good and help for the good received