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Similar Moral and Ethical Meaning and Purposes

Bulgarian Legends

The main motives, driving characters in Bulgarian legends are connected with love, overcoming difficulties, sacrifice for a greater good, proving courage and strength, beauty, which usually leads to some disaster (kidnapping of beautiful women, jealousy and death, unwanted marriages, en ... More >>

Italian Legends

If we look at the most popular legends and myths of some European countries’ traditions, we may find several similarities  as regards the morals and the ethical meanings that we can learn from them. In most of the Italian legends, the characters achieve their purpose just by ... More >>

Lithuanian Legends

One of the best ways to form behavior and the way people act in certain situations in life is to try to teach them the right way starting from the young age and incorporate it into everyday thinking. For long time folklore gave stories and tales which provided examples of good and bad ch ... More >>

Polish Legends

A legend by definition is "A story about the lives of saints and heroes or some historical events, saturated with motifs of fantasy and wonder." However, theory is not everything ... The most important thing is to skillfully draw morals and values from it and relate them to yo ... More >>

Romanian Legends

Legends give insight into the values of a culture. Most of the time, the main role of a legend is to create a certain moral and ethical value system which can apply to the whole society. In this way, a moral code is provided, showing people how they should conduct themselves. That is why ... More >>