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Recurring Situations and Challenges

Bulgarian Legends

In the Bulgarian legends characters usually meet some challenges they need to overcome. It might be said that this trait of events is common among all European legends. European nations share a great deal for all intents and purpose as far as history and culture. A large portion of the ... More >>

Italian Legends

European countries have a lot in common in terms of history and culture, in fact, in all the legends we can find some common European roots and recurring situations and challenges. Most of the legends show that  a fight or a challenge is a recurring subject. All the characters, bo ... More >>

Lithuanian Legends

At all times extraordinary natural and historical monuments of the environment have attracted the attention of people and encouraged to explain the reasons for their occurrence. Lithuanian legends tell of rocks brought by living and strong creatures, lakes that can travel or have human t ... More >>

Polish Legends

Legends are an indispensable part of the culture, tradition and literature of each country. Oral or written express emotions, moods, fears and hopes of ordinary people, rulers, noblemen living in rural and urban areas. Legends describe everyday situations and contain a number of aspects ... More >>

Romanian Legends

In ancient times, humans tried to find explanations for their origin. People needed an escape from their ordinary lives and most of the time they needed a happy ending which could bring them hope. In this way, they had the feeling that they have the power to overcome all the hardships. ... More >>