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Unfortunate love stories

Unfortunate love was one of the most important themes in legends across different cultures. Young girls fall in love with lads their parent do not approve of, from different reasons, and have a tragic fate. Or tragedy strikes when death separates a beautiful couple. Our journey starts in Romania, with the legend “The Bride’s Cave”. In both versions of the legend, the young girl is forced to marry someone she does not love and, because she cannot cope with this, commits suicide. The same sad love story occurs in the Bulgarian legend "Belogradchik Rocks", Legend 2, where the young, beautiful Vita is separated from her beloved Luka and sent to a convent. In both legends the two girls die, but while the girl from "The Bride's Cave" commits suicide, the one from "Belogradchik Rocks" is turned to stone. A different tragic love story is presented in the Bulgarian legend “Devil’s Throat Cave”, where the dryad Euridice, the young wife of the greatest singer, poet and musician of ancient times, Orpheus, is bitten by a snake and dies, immediately after their wedding.

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The Bride's Cave