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Stones, Rocks and Mountains - how and why?

Nature has lots of mysteries and wonders which made people puzzle from ancient times and of one of the most intriguing and fascinating are the stones, rocks and of course mountain. Before science explained, people tried to figure out how they formed, or what forces brought them to the places where they rest. This travel will show the explanations that occurred in different countries involving stones, or rock formation, even the tallest mountains. I hope your journey will not be rocky. The first stop is Devils stone in Lithuania, it is one of the biggest stones in country and because country mostly consists out of planes and small hills it looks odd. The legend tells that this stone was meant to be thrown on Raigardas town people, or their church, because they annoyed the devil with lots of parties. The devil was carrying this heavy rock through the night, but morning came and rooster yelled and the rock fell where it lies till today.