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Female mythical characters in legends

Female mythical characters are well represented in the legends of different cultures. The most important category is that of the gracious creatures known under different names, depending on the culture they come from: fairies, nymphs, dryads, Iele, Samodivas, who have in common their female appearance. All of them look like beautiful young girls, with long hair, who dance or sing beautifully and who are related to Nature. They can be gentle, musical and benevolent, but sometimes they are mischievous or even vengeful and destructive. Our travel starts in Romania, where, in the Romanian legend "Iele/Nymphs", the mythical creatures make their appearance mainly at night and mortals who manage to see them or who are lured by their graceful dance and unearthly singing are punished. The travel continues in Poland, with a different type of female mythological creatures - a mermaid- in the Polish legend “Legend of Warsaw Mermaid”. The mermaid in this legend has all the features of her kind (luring sailors with magical songs to the depths of the ocean), but in the end she shows her gratitude to the fisherman who rescued her, which can be consider an unusual behavior. The travel takes will then take you to Bulgaria, where we meet Euridice, the dryad from "Devil's throat cave", which has in common with Iele and mermaids only the delicate looks. Euridice is graceful and in love with Orpheus, who was the greatest singer, poet and musician of ancient times. She is neither mischievous or vengeant and and has a tragic fate.

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