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Caves – the perfect mysterious setting for legends

The interior of a mountain hides a mysterious world. Caves have always stirred people’s imagination because they were considered to be home for magical beings, to hide extraordinary treasures or represent unreal passages and also the perfect settings for tragic stories. We start our travel in Romania, with the legend “The Bride’s Cave”, in which the cave witnesses the tragic fate of a young girl who is forced to marry someone she does not love and, and because she cannot cope with this, commits suicide. The travel continues in Bulgaria, with the legends “St. Petka and the stone bread”, in which the cave is caves the perfect hide for spiritual characters, “Devil’s Throat Cave”, which deals with the tragic love story between the most talented player of ancient times, Orpheus and his beloved Eurydice and “Pirin’s Dragon”, where the cave is a shelter for an unusual dragon and his wife. Then we travel to Poland, where, in “The legend about Wawel Dragon”, the cave was the home of a terrifying dragon. Our journey ends in Italy, with the legend “Romolo and Remo and the foundation of Rome”, in which a cave, Lupercal, was the shelter of these two famous characters.