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Defeating dragons – the epic adventure of the legends

All the dragons that appear in legends are eventually killed by the heroes. They simply seem to be invented mostly to be the opponents of bold adventurers. Dragons normally make use of their power to spread terror among humans and obtain whatever they desire. What most of the legends have in common is the defeat of the dragon by a human hero. Our journey starts in Romania, with the legend “The Dragon Garden”, in which, the dragons kidnap the most beautiful maidens, but they are eventually blinded by the sun and turned into stone by a spell. This legend can be related to another Romanian legend, "The Living Fire", in which the dragon is killed after quite a long fight and is eventually beheaded. The journey continues in Bulgaria, where the evil Belasitsa, who kills Pirin, an unusual dragon with human traits of character, is later defeated by Pirin’s son. We travel further to Poland, where in "Legend of Wawel Dragon" the hero, a shrewd shoemaker uses an unusual weapon to kill the dragon - a lamb's skin filled with Sulphur. The story continues in Lithuania, with "Legend about Neringa", in which the hero, Naglis, kills the dragon by cutting his head and then to Italy, with the legend "Saint George and the Dragon", where the beast is first humiliated, by being tied by Saint George and dragged by the princess into the town and then killed.