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Journey to the underworld

The Bulgarian legend about the Devil`s throat tells the story of the greatest singer, poet and musician of ancient times - Orpheus. After the wedding day, a snake bit his young wife’s leg - dryad Eurydice – and poured its poison into her tender body. In order to bring her back, Orpheus entered Hades’ underworld, going through the Devil’s throat cave. Touched by his endless love, they allowed the singer to lead his beloved from the land of the dead under one condition – that he does not turn towards her before her reached the light. Orpheus could not resist the temptation and, while walking down the steep and dark path, turned around with desire to glance at his beloved Eurydice. At that moment she flew forever back to the underworld. As we know Hades was the ancient Greek God of death and evil. In the Polish legend about the mount of Ślęża, devils could not understand why people were happy living there and wanted to make people suffer more. Their God or also Lord Lucifer demended more and ore effort from his servants and was never pleased enough. Both legends represent Gods of evil and bad, and their bad tempers, many requirements. Also both stories show that there is no free lunch and every single thing costs another thing.

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